The Golden Spike

img_1111 img_1110 At 5pm today, the last section of track for Port Dinllaen lines was laid – at Trefor Junction. The “spike” was a screw and it was brass and not gold, but it still reprints a milestone after 4 years of work.

Trevor Junction is at the boundary of the last two sections that had to be joined together and 5 tracks go over that join. 2 are lines to Afon Wen, 2 are lines to Port Dinllaen and 1 is the line from TYG to Pwhelli.


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  1. modelrailroadbenchwork

    You are making Great progress! What is the product you are taping the track down with? It looks intriguing.

    As a side note, Please consider posting some wide shots if you can. It’s hard to see the overall progress from 6″ away.

  2. tynewydd (Post author)

    The track is actually glued down with plain Elmer’s external wood glue. But on gradients that is on top of powerbase steel plates and both of those are on top of DCC concepts closed foam trackbase product.

    I agree about the wide shots and I will post a couple soon – the modules are only just starting to be able to be re-assembled and not get in the way. The front and right-hand side of the layout is done (but in pieces) I am now working along the backwall and will turn the corner to do the left-hand side. Then what will remain is the two modules of the upper level of the peninsula – Port Dinllaen itself.

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