Getting Juiced

Near the PD throat there is a complex crossover consisting of a double slip, a single slip, two points/turnouts, and a diamond.

This represents a challenge to get right with electofrog points. The diamond’s frogs need to be set to suit the path of the train. One way to do that is to use two adjacent switch positions to each drive┬áthe frog furthest away from them. TFrogs-picturehis can work, but on my Cobalt digital point motors there is only one DPST switch that is not tied to the track power – which would mean that a wrongly set switch could cause a short that shuts down the track everywhere.

So rather than that, I have decide to use Tam Valley Juicers for the diamonds. That reduces the wiring and the testing. You can gang up diamonds in the same route to reduce the number of juices you need – so if you look at the second picture you can see two large diamonds in a row. You only need 1 dual juicer for both. In this section there are 8 diamond frogs – but two sets are in series, so I ordered a hex juicer.


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