The end of the line

Port Dinllaen, that is.  Here are the 4 platforms based on the Holyhead layout, surrounding a central dock.  Plus on one side carriage sidings and a Goods Out warehouse and on the other a Horse Dock and Goods In.

The entire PD station complex seen from the platform 1 (North) side – sorry about the wiggles caused by my unsteady hand in pano mode – I’ll get a wide angle lens there and take some real shots.


And here it is from t’other. The line in front here is the gasworks spur which also acts a headshunt for the LMR/NER MPD. Next to the right is the horse dock.


The end of day one’s activities had the track basically laid out and fitted. After this there was a lot of tightening up of dimensions done in the platform 2/3 area on the left and the end of platform 1 on the right was pulled in together with the run-round loop track so allowing the crossover to be moved a crucial 3″ to allow for buffer stops while still having a Black 5 be able to run-around its train. This meant also changing the crossover for platform 1a/b.





Closeup of Port Dinllaen, Platform 1(b). Carriage sidings are to the left.


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