The gang’s all here


Now the Coaling tower is ready, we can get more of a sense of the visual layout of the sheds. On the left the old shed, then the turntable, the new North View Shed, the ash tower and the coaling tower. The ash and coaling towers share the wagon road in front – as empties are pushed left they can take on a load of ash. Missing in action are the water tower and sandhouse – they’ll go between the turntable and the cutting behind, trying to position to restrict the view of the join in the mountain and sky behind that where you can see the 009 track with its screw buffer – that will be inside the mountain.

IMG_0747The coaling plant kit comes with a ladder that makes a large protuberance as it scales to the top, no room for that here, and so I changed it to a more vertical one. It will need some safety railing “hoops” to be added.

The overall design was to be functional, (water, coal and ash) but create a sense of drama by using the two towers clustered together in front as a visual block dividing the scene into two, while also leaving room for intervention by “The hand of God”.  IMG_0741

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