MPD Old Shed

PD will have three engine sheds

  1. The WR shed which holds banking and other engines for the line to Pwhelli
  2. The LMR “North Light” Shed that houses the engines after they have been watered, coaled and had the fire dropped turned ready for their next turn.
  3. The ex-ER “Old Shed” that has the repair workshops and is located on the other side of the turntable

The time had come to build one of these to get the track layout correct and cut the slots for the inspection pits. The shed is a 4-track, staggered gable design consisting of two two-road sheds which are “knocked through” in the overlap section. This is not unknown in the real world, but the real motivation is to provide an interesting view and allow more engines to be on display.

The shed consists of two Metcalfe kits – bashed together. The main points of bashing are to knock out the overlapping windows on both sheds, cutting through holes that would be topped by RSJs, and to trim the roof where the two edges meet in a valley (which would have a hidden gutter to take away the effects of a Welsh climate!


During the process I discovered that I needed to reinforce the area at the bottom of the window cutouts (of course). To do this I used offcuts from the glazing material and glued them under the “feet” of the wall (the remaining piers that take the load from the roof trusses.

I reduced the number of shed chimneys by one each side – with two kits it looked like too much to me. I also moved the chimney stacks around on the outbuildings and varied the chimney pots a bit.

Obviously there will need to be some weathering, some guttering (to hide things we don’t want to show and so on. But I dont think as a first effort it looks too bad.

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