I had it by the throat!

Pont Llyfni Junction (PLJ) – Up Side has started. The branch to Nantlle is on the right, while the line to points north (Caernarfon, Bangor, Liverpool and manchester) are left. We are standing adjacent to the island platform with a bay for Nantlle.IMG_0065

Note also the high-level line from Port Dinllaen to Tan-Y-Graig towering above the PLJ tracks (up to 10″ or 60 OO-scale ft).

The throat is the most important part of track to get right first because it has to fit right. First we do a dry run to ensure the XtrackCAD plans can be realized, and then we add underlay. Finally we wire up the track and glue it down.

At PLJ, the throat allows goods trains to depart from PLJ Yard move to the down main line and then crossover to the Up line. A double slip allows goods trains to  go to and from Nantlle and gives access to Pl3 to be used for up trains. Trains from Nantlle can go to the Bay or to Pl2 via the diamond crossing.





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